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Judge:  Joel Long, Utah

1st  Prize         Portrait of a Friend’s Daughter, Senior Year - Ryan Apple, Lansing, Michigan

2nd Prize        An Early Flock - Maurine Haltiner, Salt Lake City, Utah

3rd  Prize        One Night at the Vet’s— Late October 2008 - Susan Foster, Hurricane, Utah

1st  HM           Renovation:  an Anniversary Poem - Pam Tucker, Washington, UT

2nd HM          Murmurations #2 - Beverly Stanislawski, Crown Point, IN

3rd  HM          This Is Not about Death - Candy Lish Fowler, St. George, UT


Judge:  Rosemerry Wahtola-Trommer, Colorado

1st  Prize         High Desert Sundown - Kolette Montague, Centerville, Utah

2nd Prize        An Interior Designer Visits the Reservation - Barbara J. Funke, St. George, Utah

3rd Prize         Luminarias - Lorraine Jeffery, Orem, Utah

1st  HM           spring returns again - Lin Vernon Floyd, St. George, UT

2nd HM          Ghost Painter - Markay Brown, St. George, UT

3rd  HM          True Southwest - Budd Powell Mahan, Dallas, TX 

Judge:  Dr. David J. Rothman, Colorado

1st  Prize         Anticlimax - Barbara J. Funke, St. George, Utah

2nd Prize        His Last Duchess - Lynda La Rocca, Salida, Colorado

3rd Prize         Valentine for the Fitzgeralds - Barbara J. Funke, St. George, Utah

1st  HM           A Feral Encounter - Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX

2nd HM          The Grandfather Clock - Budd Powell Mahan, Dallas, TX

3rd HM           Of Indigo and Gold - Maurine Haltiner, Salt Lake City, UT              

Judge:  Tony Fusco, Connecticut

1st  Prize         Snakes - Michael Erdelen, Lowell, IN                    

2nd Prize        Talking to Walls - Sara Gipson, Scott, AR

3rd Prize         It’s Kneaded - John J. Gordon, La Grange, IL

1st  HM           How Sleep Comes to Me Now - Ryan Apple, Lansing, MI

2nd HM          Big Problems or Sizing up the Situations - Meredith R. Cook, Blue Earth, MN

3rd  HM          Poop Scoop - Beverly Stanislawski, Crown Point, IN


GRADES 10 - 12
Judge:   Pam Tucker

1st  Prize         Grandmother Aspen - Madison Pay, Pine View High School

2nd Prize        restless feet - Jon Zabriskie, Pine View High School             

3rd Prize         Touched by the Rain - Abbey Bennion, Pine View High School

1st  HM           Stop the Clock - Laura Brown, Dixie High School

2nd HM          The Mysterious Woods - Ana McFadden, Pine View High School       

3rd  HM          I Think It’s Fine - Carson Horspool, Pine View High School

GRADES 7 - 9
Judge:   Lenore Madden

1st  Prize         Journey of a Leaf - Hailey Martin, Hurricane Middle School

2nd Prize        The Peaceful Disturbance - Ashlee Chadburn, Fossil Ridge Intermediate

3rd Prize         Autumn - Roxanne Sheley, Hurricane Middle School

1st  HM           Wind Brings Out the Colors - Kellason Walker, Hurricane Middle School

2nd HM          Anxiety - Khloe Cagle, Hurricane Middle School

3rd HM           Can You See - Krish Kotak, Hurricane Middle School

GRADE 4 & 5
Judge:   Lin Vernon Kloyd

1st  Prize         A Bear Ate My Poem - Lily Adelle Tilby, Vista Charter School

2nd Prize         I Am Broken - Harlee Lee-Sorell, Diamond Valley Elementary          

3rd Prize         A Shoe - Caleb Spragg, Diamond Valley Elementary

1st  HM            The Horse - Morgan Staheli, Diamond Valley Elementary

2nd HM           I Am a Feather - Bowen Ekins, Diamond Valley Elementary

3rd  HM          A Baby Bird - Landon Barker, Diamond Valley Elementary

GRADES 1 - 3
Judge:   Bonnie Anderson

1st  Prize         Mario Kart:  the Big Race - Emmett Riding, Diamond Valley Elementary

2nd Prize        Everybody Has a Name - Mya Anderson, Diamond Valley Elementary               

3rd Prize         Ninjas - William Jeffs, Diamond Valley Elementary

1st  HM           Basketball - Isick Lewis, Diamond Valley Elementary

2nd HM          What’s in My Stocking - Gabriel Wilde, George Washington Academy

3rd  HM          My Sister - Brooklyn Jones, Diamond Valley Elementary


Redrock Writers depends on the voluntary efforts of Southern Utah writers who participate in our collective learning, write and read their poetry, and help organize and lead our regular activities. We deeply appreciate the contributions of members of UTSPS Dixie Chapter, the Utah State Poetry Society, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, the Heritage Writers Guild and The League of Utah Writers. We also express appreciation to outstanding poets from across America who participate in blind judging our yearly contest.

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