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CHOLLA DIVISION (any) - Judge: Dr. Kimberly Johnson, Utah

1st  Prize        Bob Rippy - After the Garden - St. George, Utah

2nd Prize        Jane Randall - Gathering Thread - Centerville, Utah

3rd  Prize       Susan Foster - Naming Ceremony - Hurricane, Utah

1st  HM           Lorraine Jeffery - Cost of Silence - Orem, Utah

2nd HM          Kolette Montague - Some Words Speak - Centerville, Utah

3rd  HM          Gail Denham - Forgiveness - Sunriver, Oregon


CHAQUETA DIVISION (Southwest) Judge: Polly Opsahl, Michigan

1st  Prize         Lorraine Jeffery - Southwest Easel - Orem, Utah

2nd Prize        Kolette Montague - Pine Valley Lessons - Centerville, Utah

3rd Prize         Kristal Sullivan - The Desert Is Alive - Hurricane, Utah

1st  HM           Justin L. Kennington - Fields under Water - Payson, Utah

2nd HM           Marleen Bussma - Job Openin’ - Dammeron Valley, Utah

3rd  HM          Robert Schinzel - Fry Bread - Highland Village, Texas

CHAPAREJOS DIVISION (rhyme and meter) - Judge: Sara Gipson, Arkansas

1st  Prize        Dr. Emory D. Jones - The Hill - Iuka, Mississippi

2nd Prize        Kolette Montague - Morning Sparrows - Centerville, Utah

3rd Prize        Barbara Blanks - In the Backyard with My Granddaughter - Garland, Texas

1st  HM           Robert Schinzel - Songs of Chaco Canyon - Highland Village, Texas

2nd HM          Catherine Moran - Analyzing all the awkward moves - Little Rock, Arkansas

3rd HM           Kimball Haines Hunt - Love’s Fire - Bloomfield, Connecticut           

CHIMERA DIVISION (fantastic, absurd or humorous) - Judge: Robert Schinzel, Texas

1st  Prize         Beth Staas - A Jabberwocky Update - Oak Brook, Illinois              

2nd Prize        Barbara Ford - Spell for Finding - Poncha Springs, Colorado

3rd Prize         Barbara Blanks - Agatha’s Other Detective - Garland, Texas

1st  HM           Barbara J. Funke - Everything in Fractions - St. George, Utah

2nd HM           Robert Blenheim - My Secret Little Pet - Daytona Beach, Florida

3rd  HM          Rita Aiken Moritz - Why Sleeping Beauty is Smiling - Pell City, Alabama


Redrock Writers depends on the voluntary efforts of Southern Utah writers who participate in our collective learning, write and read their poetry, and help organize and lead our regular activities. We deeply appreciate the contributions of members of UTSPS Dixie Chapter, the Utah State Poetry Society, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, the Heritage Writers Guild and The League of Utah Writers. We also express appreciation to outstanding poets from across America who participate in blind judging our yearly contest.

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